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“Have you ever wondered why your Social Media Marketing doesn’t work these days?”


Well, I just might know what is going wrong!

There may be two reasons:


Your Social Media strategy sucks


You might not be following the latest social media trends


I believe you have an awesome strategy (because you are a genius!).


So, let’s talk about the trends for now.


Before starting, let’s get to know what is Social Media Marketing and why it’s important for your

business ( I will keep it short, promise.)



What is Social Media Marketing



People define Social Media Marketing as ” Driving traffic and attention from social media”


I don’t like that definition. Here’s how I define it.


Social Media Marketing is the process of engaging and getting to know your customers! And

that’s how you should define it too. You should treat your customers like friends.



Why Social Media Marketing?


Let me speak statistically here.


68% of US adults use at least one of the social media. And about 3.4 Billion people use social

media worldwide.


That’s huge! And there’s no way you should be missing such a gold mine.


Social Media Statistics for 2018


Most popular Social Media sites


We all know how huge social media is.


That doesn’t mean every one of them is suitable for your business. Picking the right one that

aligns with your business strategy is very important. Or else, you will get mixed up.


Here are the top social media platforms you should try:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest


Know what social media is suitable for your business   (I don’t want to stray away from our topic)



Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends



Finally here. This is what you are here for.


Before we start looking at the trends, here’s a piece of advice. Always be on a lookout for


Trends expire and you need to be updated on the latest ones.


Here we go,


Chatbots and Messaging


Chatbots are disrupting the way in which customers are interacting with businesses.


When chat-bots were first introduced, they were boring. the developer had to write responses

for every possible question a customer might have and code it. That sucked.


Now, with the advent of AI and Machine learning, chat-bots learn from customers and provide

answers, becoming more relevant day by day.


Chatbots will save you a lot of time and human resource.


Switch to Video Content


Text content does work. So do images. I’m not denying it,


But think from your experience, what would you like? A video explaining ‘how to create a

carousel’ for your FB ad or a long blog post?


I would prefer Videos!


In fact, video is said to increase engagement by over 80%. ( That’s huge!)


Look how Volvo did it.



Here are some more reasons why you should be using Videos


  1. More engagement and more conversions
  2. Increases trust in your brand
  3. Videos provide much more information than texts
  4. Videos are not boring
  5. You can go live


Stories. More stories


Have you noticed the story section on Facebook these days?


Snap Chat introduced it. Instagram copied the feature. Now it’s all over the internet ( Even



So why are stories famous?


  • They are engaging.
  • Stories are short and relevant.
  • Stories are natural. You update them as they are. You show your business who you really are.


In fact, engagement is much more with stories than with news feed, especially in apps like



Fb and Insta Stories


As a Business, how can you use Stories?


  • Tell your story


Story feed is a great way to tell your business story. You can start a series on how you started

out, the challenges you faced etc


  • Behind the scenes


Show your customers what really happens in your business. Posting behind the scenes is a

good way to build trust with your customers.


  • Engage with your customers


Stories are a great way to conduct polls, surveys in a fun way.


Micro-Influencers are rising


People follow and trust micro-influencers. Period!


Why though?


People can relate to micro-influencers. They are normal people who faced problems, found

solutions and are spreading them to people.


Whom would you trust more, a big huge brand or a normal guy who knows what he is doing

and genuinely cares about your problems?


I would trust the individual!


Priyanka Naik from PriyankaNaik.com is a micro-influencer who writes about Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing in general. Her articles are awesome, go check them out!


How can you leverage Micro-influencers?


People listen to influencers. they do what they do. they dress, eat, sleep and repeat like their beloved influencer.


Influencer Marketing is a thing now. You can collaborate with the influencer in your niche to

help you gain more followers, engagement and loyalty.


AR and VR for a realistic experience


Augmented and Virtual reality is a thing now. For those who are active on Social media sites

like Snapchat and Instagram, those quirky filters isn’t a new thing. 


Snapchat and Instagram are the pioneers in this field. They brought AR to the market.


Augmented reality

See how cool I look!



Heard of LensKart? They use Augmented reality. You can see how you look wearing the spectacles

of your choice through your phone, before even buying it!


Augumented Reality lenskart

LensKart Ar


How can you use AR and VR? 


  • Real estate businesses can use VR to let customers check out the property, sitting at the comfort of their homes.
  • Retailers can use VR to show product demo to customers
  • You can use AR to let customers experience wearables through their phones.
  • Let customers visualize them using or wearing your products.
  • Engage and entertain your customers on social media ( with that bunny filter!)


Now that you know the latest trends on in Social Media marketing, your success depends on

how you strategize on using each of these trends to benefit you.


Your customers are out there, waiting for you. Hook them!



Have you used any of these Social Media trends? How did it benefit you? 


Let me know in the comments!



Want us to help you implement these Social Media trends? Reach Us

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