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Looking to write headlines that make people want to click?

Imagine you search for something on google and clicked on a result. It might not always be the first result in the search results page, but you still clicked.

Have you ever wondered what made you click that particular result?

Yup. The Headline.


Why do you need persuasive headlines?


Headlines need to be persuasive. It must tempt people to click on it and read your content.

So, what are the advantages of having a persuasive headline?

  1. People decide to open a content based on the headline
  2. People share content that has a good headline
  3. Persuasive headlines increase your Click Through Rate, which in turn boosts your SEO( for website content)


Principles of writing persuasive headlines

There are several things you need to keep in mind while writing headlines.


1. Headings should be believable

There was a time when exaggerated headlines worked. You could get people to believe you with ‘ How to lose 10kgs in a month’.

They don’t anymore.

People are being bombarded with clickbait headlines so much that they have become immune to such gimmicks.

A headline that is believable and rational are the ones that have higher click rates


2. Clarity

It is tempting to blast out our creativity while writing headlines, hoping that your audience might click.

But, that isn’t the case.

Your readers want solutions to their problems. Clear headlines tell them what your content is all about and how it is going to help them.


3. Easy to read.

Your headlines must be easy to read.

Using industry jargons and phrases might be appealing to some, but a majority of the audience will not understand what you wanted to convey.

Using simple and understandable words and sentences makes it easier for people to understand the essence of your content.

Note that, in certain circumstances, it is okay to use jargons and industry inside words.


4. Proper Grammar and Spellings

Spelling and Grammar matters. Nobody likes reading content with a lot of mistakes. Making spelling or grammar mistakes makes you appear less credible.

Why would anyone click on such headlines?


5. Relevant to your Content

Imagine the reader clicked on your headline and read your content. How would he feel if the content is entirely different from the headline?

Would he trust you again? I think no.

Make sure that your headline aligns with your content. Don’t promise if you cant deliver.


6. Relatable to the Reader

When you craft headlines, try making it relatable to the reader.

Suppose your content is about weight loss diet.

A relatable headline would be ‘ The no-bullshit weight loss diet’. This headline considers the pain point of your reader – fake diet plans everywhere.


Some tried and tested headline templates

Writing a great headline shouldn’t be difficult. Everyone should be able to do that.

I have compiled a list of Headline Templates that have shown results.


1.How to ___________, without _________

Examples: How to write headlines without being good at English

How to start a business without investment

How to earn online without a laptop


2. List articles

Examples: Top 10 sites to earn money online

7 best chrome extensions every content writer needs

9 WordPress plugins every blogger needs.


3. Numbers in the Headline

Examples: 7 ways to increase your engagement on social media

99 website niche ideas

66% gains in the stock market using these 7 simple tips


4. Ask a Question

Examples: Can you guess this method that increased my traffic from 100 to 10000 per day?

Can you solve this math puzzle that 98% fail


5. How-to Articles

Examples: How to improve your English

How to write headlines that make people want to click


6. Negative Emotion

Examples: Avoid these mistakes if you are looking to lose weight

Mistakes beginner business owners make that fail them.


7. Highlighting Success

Examples: How I increased my sales by 60% using a simple method

Ethan made 10000$ in his first month of copywriting. Here’s how.

How I raised myself from a failure to success in selling (the title of a famous book)


8. The Benefit-Unique Mechanism method

This one’s my favourite. A lot of well-known copywriters use this formula often.

You make a promise and tell them how you are going to fulfil it.

Example: How to write flawless content with Yoast Readability tester

Learn 10x faster with Feynman method


Emotional Appeal

As content marketers, we know as a fact that people make decisions with their emotions and then justify them with logic.

Headlines should have emotional appeal to them.

The bottom line is, understanding the pain points of your reader is important before writing a headline so that you can address those pain points.

Know your audience. Write great headlines.


Do you have a template that has worked very well for you? Tell me about it in the comments.


If you find it difficult to write headlines yourself, hiring a content writer is the best choice. Feel free to contact me, would be happy to help.


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